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Trying to get a tricky S-Rank in My Friend Pedro? Here are some tips to help you be the coolest banana friend you can be?

There have been GIFs and trailers showing off the gameplay of My Friend Pedro for years, and I’ve always had the same question when watching the game’s stylish action: Will I be able to do that?

And after spending some time with the final version of the game, I can say that the answer is yes.

My Friend Pedro is a 2D, side-scrolling shooter where I can slow down time, split my aim in two directions, choose the weapon — or weapons — I’d like to use on the fly and even spin to dodge bullets coming at me. Fans of serious action films know that bullets can’t hit a spinning target, making the spin command one of the most powerful moves in the game.

The game even makes it simple for you to pull your own social media-ready GIFs from your performance to share with friends. It’s not a matter of whether I can do the cool things I saw in all those early trailers — I can, and so can you if you’re even just passable at action games — but whether I can build from the scenario that’s been so clearly planned for me and take things into creative directions.

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